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Victoria Davis-Gilbert

Pastor's Wife, Author &  Speaker

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By Inside Out with Courtnaye

        hat an honor to sit down and have a conversation with my new and beautiful sister-friend, Victoria Davis-Gilbert. I am so happy to share her with you, today. Victoria is doing amazing things online, but she is also a pastor’s wife, mother, author, speaker, and an award-winning music teacher.


Courtnaye – Hello and welcome Victoria! 


Victoria – Hello, Hallelujah, thank You Jesus!


Courtnaye – I love it! She is so energized! Well, I’m excited that you are here.


Victoria - Thank you for having me, I’m excited to be here. 


Courtnaye - Awesome! Well today, we are going to be talking about, “Victorious Living.” I love how your name is connected to your ministry. How did you start Victorious Women? 

Victoria – About three in a half years ago, the Lord gave me a book and while I was promoting it, one of my friends wrote in the comments, “Victoria, you are so uplifting and victorious. I feel energized and victorious when I’m around you. That should be your name, Victorious Victoria!” It really got into my spirit. 


Courtnaye – Gotcha!


Victoria - I’ve always been the type of person to look at the bright side of things. I’m the optimistic friend. I’m going to be the one who sees the glass half full and tell you something that will make the situation better, because that’s my personality. So I began seeking and listening to what God was saying. From there, I started Victorious Conversations and then Victorious Women happened. 


Courtnaye –Such a clear vision! I love how others will pull out what God wants to do through us, like what your friend did for you. So good! Well, I know that you empower, encourage, and equip women while helping them overcome negative mindsets, as well. How can we prepare our minds for the battles in our lives and live victoriously through that? 


Victoria – When I wrote my book, I was going through a time of recovering grief from the loss of my father. I lost him when I was nine years old, but I dealt with that grief for 30 years. The way that I got through that battle was through an intimate relationship with God. In this life, we will all go through daily battles. My battle will not look like yours. Yet, the only way that we’re able to gain victory when we’re going through hardships and struggles is to have that intimate relationship with God. 


Courtnaye – Amen!


Victoria - We also have to prepare our minds daily by reading His Word and having a conversation with Him every single day. I believe if you’re already prepared and have that intimate relationship with Christ, then you will be able to handle those daily battles and struggles with more grace. 


Courtnaye – I love it! I like to tell people, prepare before the battle comes and feast on the Scriptures. Victoria, what verse comes to mind when you think about living victoriously?


Victoria – The verse that comes to mind is Philippians 4:8, but also Romans 8:37 which says, “No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loved us.” It just reinforces for me that in spite of everything that we will go through in this life, we have overwhelming victory through Jesus Christ. 


Courtnaye – There is victory in Jesus! Thank you for sharing this with us. Now, I do want to ask you this. Why do you think people struggle with living victoriously every day?


Victoria – I believe it’s difficult because we are living in a world where we're faced with so much. And sometimes the flesh can consume us. For instance, the television shows and the conversations that we have. That feeds our natural flesh. So when we’re going through or facing situations, we’re pulling from the world. We sometimes forget that we need to feed and nurture our spiritual man so that we can pull from those things (like books and the Bible) when we are faced with struggles and trials. That will help us to live victoriously. 


Courtnaye – Amen. So true. Can you take a moment to encourage the women who are reading and listening to our conversation today? 


Victoria – Definitely! Know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in our uniqueness. As for me, I can’t look at what my sister is doing and how she handles a situation and how she carries herself. I have to rest in who God has created me to be and love the God-version of me. 


Courtnaye – This is so empowering! We have to love the God-version of us. Thank you so much, Victoria for that reminder. Lastly, how can we connect with you and learn more about your book and ministry? 


Victoria – Absolutely! First of all Courtnaye, I just want to say thank you for this opportunity. It has been wonderful getting to know you. It has been refreshing to build this sisterhood and I value it very much. Secondly, I have a Facebook Group that is called, “Victorious Women: Business and Life” and we talk all-thing-victory! Victory in your life, home, work, and of course your spiritual life. We build each other up. I’m also on Instagram at @victoriadavisgilbert and my book is called, Daddy’s Girls. It's available on Amazon. 


Courtnaye – I love how God connects His daughters. I’m so glad that you took the time out of your busy schedule. Ladies, dive in and grab her book, connect with her on Facebook and Instagram, and visit her website here at Thanks again Victoria!



Inside Out with CourtnayeInterview with Victoria Davis-Gilbert
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Victoria Gilbert’s passion is to share the joy of the Lord everywhere she goes. She knows all too well about loss and how that loss can make joy seem so distant. Experiencing the loss of her father at age nine was extremely difficult and as a result, Victoria put a wall around her heart. She didn’t want to feel that pain again, and in turn blocked love from entering in her heart. In this devotional, you will get a glimpse into Victoria’s life as she shares some of her darkest moments that brings her to the feet of Jesus. She shares specific scriptures that helped her remove the wall around her heart and allow the love of our Father God to completely fill all of her. This devotion serves a journal as well. As you read each entry, write down your thoughts as you hear from God. Daddy’s Girls is just the tool needed to remind you how important you are to God, your Father.


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