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Hey Sis! So glad that you're here! Check out my blog cover stories and features where I share with you, Christian women from around the globe who are making a great impact for the Kingdom of God! As I interview each one, get ready to be inspired, instructed, and encouraged as we dive into some biblical and practical insight. Let's go Inside!

December 2022


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Personal Revival
Erica wiggenhron

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

        elcome, sister! Join me as a I sit down to talk to the beautiful Erica Wiggenhorn. She is the founder of Every Life Ministries. Erica longs to bring the truth of Scripture to transform your life. An award-winning author with Moody Publishers, Erica loves to share the Word of God wherever she can! Her latest release is An Unexpected Revival: Experiencing God’s Goodness Through Disappointment and Doubt, an 8-week Bible study through the prophecies of Ezekiel (a companion video teaching series is also available to accompany this work). She is also a frequent speaker at women’s retreats, large conferences, or her own kitchen table. In addition, Erica serves on the Proverbs 31 Ministries writing team for their First 5 App. You can find her almost every day on Instagram where she shares Phoenix life with her best friend Jonathan, and their four children (two of which are human and the others furry and adorable). 


Courtnaye – Welcome Erica! 


Erica – Hi Courtnaye!


Courtnaye – We finally got together! Yay!

Erica – I know!

Courtnaye – Well today, we’re going to be talking about, "Experiencing Personal Revival" and your 8-week Bible study that’s entitled, An Unexpected Revival: Experiencing God’s Goodness Through Disappointment and Doubt. Now, it’s coming from the angle of Ezekiel. So Erica, you mention that there is a phrase that God speaks in the book of Ezekiel over 50 times. What it is it and what does it mean?  


Erica – Yeah, so that phrase is, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.” The word “know” in Hebrew is “yada” which is a word that they would use on the wedding night where a husband would know his wife. So, it’s a picture of ultimate intimacy. And then the name, “Lord” is the Hebrew name “Yahweh,” which means the God who creates and enters relationship


Courtnaye – Gotcha!


Erica – So what God is saying is, "Through every circumstance you face, every doubt that you wrestle with, every disappointment you have to walk through, and everything that you go through in this life – the good, difficult, including things that make sense and that you don’t understand, all of those things are for the purpose of knowing that I am the God who desires relationship with you.” And so, what God was saying over and over again is, “I’m after your heart.”  


Courtnaye – Wow! That is so good and what great perspective! Now Erica, you’re talking about intimacy with God. What does that look like for us today?  

Erica – Intimacy with God comes through the Word of God.


Courtnaye – Amen!

Erica – And that can be a hard habit to develop in our lives. Is it worth it? Yes. Is it a process? Absolutely.


Courtnaye – Yes, it is a process. Okay, so let’s dive into revival. This is so dear to my heart and a lot of people right now. So, when people are praying for revival, what do you think they mean or what does that look like? 


Erica – Well Courtnaye, what I think revival looks like is the mom who is at home each day with her kids and she’s worried about the future. She’s worried about this crazy world that they’re growing up in and she wants to protect them. And she wants them to follow the Lord. She’s also worn out, exhausted, and filled with fear and worry, yet she’s crying out saying, “God, help me!” 


Courtnaye – Ah!


Erica – I think it looks like the woman who gets up every day and as she goes to work, she’s in her car saying, “God, I don’t like the person that I am. I want to be different. I want to change. I want to be better. I want to grow.”   


Courtnaye –Gotcha!


Erica – I think it looks like the student who’s saying, “I want to do something significant with my life. I want to do something that counts. I want to make the world a better place. God use me.” It starts with individuals just crying out to God. I think that’s what revival looks like. That’s the revival that God is after now. I think of Psalm 23 where the Lord tells us, “He restores my soul.” That’s what revival is – it’s the restoration of the soul


Courtnaye – Yeah, and it's personal. (nodding in agreement).


Erica – It’s also getting your joy, back. It’s the awe and wonder of the magnificence of God, back. It’s the fervor, back. It’s the peace, back. It’s the empowerment, back. It's when we each individually, come and cry out to Him. And He’s ready to give it as soon as we’re ready to receive it.


Courtnaye – Again, it comes back to that personal walk. 


Erica – Yes! And you know, it’s so interesting because when you go through the book of Ezekiel, one of the things that I noticed was how seldom the people would come to Ezekiel to receive a word from the Lord. In fact, they were exiled in Babylon (and there was this stretch in time) but they never went to Ezekiel to hear a word from the Lord. And it got me thinking, “How often am I doing that?” How often am I going to God and asking, “Speak to me. Share with me what’s on your heart today, God? What do you want me to know about You?”


Courtnaye – Amen.


Erica – So often I go to God and I'm like, “Okay God, let me tell you all the things. I need you to fix this in my family, and I would really like it if you would give me that blessing. And I really think it would be a good idea if you would change this circumstance.” I'm always telling God all the things, instead of going to Him and saying, “God, tell me all the things.” 


Courtnaye – Yes. He’s the Master Teacher. And the Lord is like, “Sit down and let me teach you.” I love it. Okay, let’s go a little deeper. Where are we as a church and as a nation? What do you think is preventing revival from happening? 


Erica – Oooo, that’s a loaded question, sister! When I went through the book of Ezekiel, they put God in a box. They believed the right king had to be on the throne for revival to happen. And maybe we believe the right person needs be in the White House or the right color needs to be in the Senate or whatever. But God was saying, “You’re making Me way too small. I don’t need a governmental person in order to bring revival. I am the God of relationship. I am the Almighty.”


Courtnaye – Ooooo…Amen!


Erica – God was going to change each individual heart. So, God is saying, “Don’t wait for all of your shepherds and leaders to have revival before you have revival. Don’t wait for the right governmental system to be in place before you have revival. You, as my people, can have revival right now!” 


Courtnaye – You’re preaching Sister! And I love it! 


Erica – God already has a plan for revival. He’s saying, “I’m inviting you to come. Let me revive your heart. And in the process, child of God, as your heart is revived and your neighbor’s heart is revived, and your sister’s heart is revived, and your brother’s heart is revived, then the fire of revival begins to spread." That’s what God is after – your heart. 


Courtnaye – One heart at a time. When we’re changed then other people’s lives can be changed because of the change that has taken place in our own personal lives, because we’ve sat with the Lord and allowed Him to revive and restore us. So true! Now, let’s talk about the Holy Spirit before we get out of here. Can you expound on the role of the Holy Spirit regarding everything that we do? 


Erica – Yes, while writing this study, we actually took a whole week and all we did was dive into the person and the work of the Holy Spirit. We looked at what did Jesus specifically say about the Holy Spirit? We looked at spiritual gifts, the fruit of the Spirit, keeping in step with the Spirit, revelation of the Spirit, and the empowerment of the Spirit because we can’t have revival unless we’re operating in the power of the Holy Spirit.   


Courtnaye – Amen! There is power in the Holy Spirit and we don’t need to box Him in. We need to let Him have free reign in our lives, while using the gifts of the Spirit and walking in the fruit of the Spirit. So good! Well, alright. Erica, can you share an encouraging word as we get ready to close, today?


Erica – Yes. My encouraging word would be to know that God loves you fervently and He is after your heart passionately. The thing that I saw in the book of Ezekiel, probably more than anything else, was how desperately God wanted His people to understand His deep love for them and His desire to be in intimate relationship with them. So if God feels far away or seems silent or you feel disappointed in your circumstances, maybe you’re believing your doubts or doubting your beliefs, or wondering if God really loves you or is He just tolerating you, your Father loves you. 


Courtnaye  – Right.


Erica – He loves you because He delights in you. And when God looks at you, He doesn’t see who you are right in this moment. He sees everything that He longs for you to become. So, keep talking to Him, keep opening your Word, and keep getting into community with other believers. Because God is still working on you, He’s still working in you, and He’s still working through you. But He wants you to come closer and closer to Him. 


Courtnaye – Amen! So good! Wow! I need this word in this season! Ladies, connect with Erica! She is on Facebook and Instagram (see below). Her website is and grab her book, TODAY! Thank you so much for sharing with us Erica and for being here, sister! 



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In this 8-week Bible study, An Unexpected Revival: Experiencing God’s Goodness through Disappointment and Doubt, you will encounter a unique picture of revival through Ezekiel’s prophecies. God chose to spark revival through people who seemed counted out, cast aside, and disregarded.
Ezekiel reveals that we are not the first people to believe our doubts and doubt our beliefs when circumstances spiral out of control. But God pursues us with His goodness desiring to bring revival to our broken hearts. 

Through a study of the book of Ezekiel, God offers an invitation to: 
— experience His faithfulness when surrounded by uncertainty
— reignite our hope instead of losing heart
— realize the call of God, reawakening us to our purpose
— rest in contentment rather than dwell in disappointment

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November 2022


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By Inside Out with Courtnaye

           oin me as I sit down with powerhouse Linda Goldfarb, as we have a fun and enlightening conversation about four new personality types that will help you understand yourself better and the way you handle projects while working with others. It's pretty cool! Linda strives to be transparent and real. She is a hybrid award-winning author with both traditionally published and Indy published books. Linda is also the award-winning host of the Your Best Writing Life podcast, co-founder of the LINKED® Personality System, an International speaker and board-certified advanced-level Christian life coach. A combination of faith, humor, and personality awareness has grown Linda and her husband Sam's relationship into a thriving adventure lasting more than 35 years. They have four adult children, fifteen grandchildren and a brand new great-grand baby. 

Courtnaye – Welcome Linda! So glad you're here! We’re going to be talking about the power of personality as it relates to our spiritual, professional, and personal lives through your co-authored LINKED book series and personality assessment. So let's dive right in. Linda, why do you think it's important for us to understand our personality types?


Linda – I've discovered that it changes our perspective in every area. Our uniqueness is beautiful. We weren’t designed to be like someone else. We were designed exactly the way God wants us and to walk out who He desires us to be for Him, His kingdom, and our family. So when we understand our personalities, life changes and it changes dramatically.   


Courtnaye – So true! I actually love taking personality assessments. They’re just fun! Now, Linda you have the LINKED personality assessment and a LINKED book series. But before we go even further into the conversation, can you share a little bit about the vision behind it all? 


Linda – Yes, thank you. This is a vision that came to me as I was working with my busy clients. I’m a coach. So, I wanted them to find out more about themselves quickly. I contacted a very good friend of mine, Linda Gilden. We both have studied the personalities for years and we both had life changing impact from understanding the personalities with a different organization. So I approached her and said, “Linda, we need an assessment, and it needs to be quick, concise, but meaty.” So, we put our heads together and came up with 26 questions.


Courtnaye – Mhmm. (nodding in agreement)


Linda – LINKED is about maximizing communication and relationships in different areas. What we’ve found is that when people start seeing themselves the way God designed them, that’s when they can experience freedom. We want people set free and to walk in the design that God has for them. 


Courtnaye – Amen! So tell us more about the different personality types that you share in your series. There are four of them. Can you break them down for us?


Linda – Absolutely! What’s really fun about this is that the readers are going to recognize fairly quickly which one might be their dominant personality. The first one is mobilizers. They are the getter-done, fast processors who excel when they’re challenged. They are task-oriented extroverts who love doing things the fast way.


Courtnaye – That’s me!


Linda – (smiling) Next, we have the socializers. They are the life of the party, fast processors, and excel as storytellers. These are the ones who grab everyone’s attention! They are people-oriented extroverts who love doing things the fun way. 


Courtnaye – Gotcha!


Linda – Then we have the stabilizers. They are the keep-the-peace slower processors. They take their time and excel, while working well under pressure. They keep calm. They’re also people-oriented, but they are introverts. They love doing things the easy way. 


Courtnaye – Okay, gotcha. 


Linda – And lastly, we have the organizers. They are the ones who like everything in order. They are slower processors because they think things through before they speak on them. They excel in details and organization. They are the task-oriented introvert who love doing things the right way. 


Courtnaye – I love it! As I heard them, I picked up on my top two dominant LINKED personalities. I’m a mobilizer and socializer (laughing)!  


Linda – I agree! 


Courtnaye – I feel like this can work in churches, private organizations, ministries, businesses, groups, and teams – everywhere. Because we need each other and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing who we are, but also knowing what we should do and not is just so important as we work together. This is so good! I’m so glad that you ladies created this assessment and series of books.


Linda – You know, I am too! We love it! And Courtnaye, you’re one of our Certified LINKED Ambassadors. And I’ve seen how you’ve utilized it through workshops and organizing your conferences. You’re really good at spotting the needs of others in your groups as you meet those needs, while loving on people. It’s really how God designed us. We’re not in this alone. There’s room for all of us. 


Courtnaye – Aww, thank you so much and agreed! Well, before we get out of here, Linda do you have an encouraging word to share with the women who will be reading or watching, today?


Linda – Thank you for the opportunity, Courtnaye. I do. You were designed for an incredible purpose. You are not a mistake. You are an enhancement. You are precious, valuable, and exactly who you need to be for a time such as this. And God is ready to equip you and come alongside you. All of us are working together – none of us are tossable. We are all needed. You are needed. And you are amazing exactly the way you are! 


Courtnaye – Wow! Thank you so much Linda! I truly appreciate you. I'd love for women to connect with you. So, how can they connect, take the assessment, and follow you online? 


Linda – Sure! They can go to (click the link assessment and mention where you heard it which is Inside Out with Courtnaye). It’s also FREE. The books are available on my website and Amazon (see books below). Also, you can connect with me at and I’m on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. ). 


Courtnaye – Alright dear reader, grab her books, take the assessment, follow her on social media and her website, and check out her award-winning podcast, Your Best Writing Life where she equips writers, speakers, while getting soul care, too! I love it and Linda! Connect, connect with her! Thanks for joining me Sister!  



1 - Linda with LINKED books - V.jpeg

This is a journey of self-discovery. The general quick guide and assessment are here to help you understand yourself and your personality. If you understand why you do the things you do and that they are a result of your God-given personality traits and your life experiences, then you are able to live and grow in your strengths. Learning about personalities broadens your horizons and gives you a base of wisdom with which to approach relationships.

Who needs a LINKED® Quick Guide to Personalities?

  • Anyone who values relationships and wants to make them stronger.

  • Busy people who don’t have time for intense studies about personalities.

  • Individuals who like their information in a nutshell.

  • People who engage with people on a regular basis—pretty much everyone!

Take the free LINKED Personality Assessment TODAY!

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October 2022


Cover Stories-2_edited.png

The Power of partnership 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

        am so happy and honored to introduce you to my beautiful sister in Christ, close friend, and partner of B4 Women, Rachel G. Scott. She is a wife, mother, and Ohio native. Rachel is also a writer, speaker, and brand mentor. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcasts, radio, devotionals, and blogs. She has also shared on platforms such as Family Life, TCT Television, Propel Sophia, Hope*Writers, Flourish Writers, and more. Rachel is the host of "Taking the Leap Podcast with Rachel G Scott,” founder of the I Can't Come Down Movement and co-founder of B4 Women. She is a former Huffington Post contributor and COMPEL Focus Group Leader. Currently she is a YouVersion teacher, Moody Radio Cleveland Partner, and Hope*Writers Host Team Member. Her first traditionally published book will release in March of 2024 with Moody Publishers.

Courtnaye – Welcome Rachel!


Rachel –Thank you Courtnaye for having me! (smiling)

Courtnaye –Absolutely! I'm so excited to sit down and talk with you. But before we get started, I want to talk about how we met. Rachel, can you share?


Rachel – Yes, so we were both in an author and speaker mastermind (hosted by Dr. Saundra B. Dalton Smith). We were working on something, and I remember reaching out to you saying, “Hey, can we do this together? I need some help with this. I need some accountability.” And that was literally the foundation of our friendship. It was the accountability factor, being rooted in Christ, while realizing that we were like-minded. That became the partnership that God began to cultivate.


Courtnaye – Exactly! So true. I remember that day and we’ve been talking ever since. Actually, we talk almost every day. Okay, so now let’s dive into this topic, "The Power of Partnership." For starters, a partnership can look like a variety of different things, right? It could be working with someone on an event, new endeavor, summit, collaborations, business or ministry project – that’s partnership. 


Rachel – Yes! 


Courtnaye – And so, we’re going to talk about some ways of how partnerships can work effectively. I tend to say that we are called to work in unity and not disunity. With that said, let’s talk about accountability. What does that actually look like in a partnership, Rach? 


Rachel – I love that question. When I think of accountability, I really consider how God wants us to sharpen each other and grow together in community. Oftentimes, we think we can be isolated, grow, and experience all that God has for us, but accountability is what helps us to do all of the things that He wants us to do. He’s not calling us to do it alone. Instead, He’s calling us to do it together.  


Courtnaye – Agreed. (nodding)


Rachel – Also, for us, it’s me chiming in and asking, “Hey sis, where are you with your project?” It’s having those conversations and leaning into the vision that God has given to us, even as we partner with B4 Women (we’ll talk more about that partnership in just a moment). But it’s also asking one another, “What is it that we need to do in order for this ministry endeavor to go to the next level and what do His people need within the community?” It’s about holding each other accountable for the task at hand.


Courtnaye – For sure. Now Rachel, you mentioned B4 Women. Let’s explain it a bit. So we are the founders and hosts of a Facebook group called B4 Women (dear reader, check it out and join us). We’ve partnered together for this endeavor as we help women all around the globe grow and learn spiritually and professionally through our B4 model, which is Bible, Business (and Ministry), Building, and Balance. Also, within a 4-month time frame we talk and share from those particular areas with a variety of tips. Oh, and we also have themes and a B4 Women Toolkit! Am I missing anything?


Rachel – Well, we want to reach the four corners of the world. And we’re seeing that already within the community. We literally have people who are from all over the globe that we get to serve and minister to. 


Courtnaye – Yes, I love it! Another unique thing about it is that even though we’re the hosts, we also bring in two new co-hosts for each 4-month cycle.

Rachel - Right!

Courtnaye - It’s a pretty cool concept. But I also want to mention that we've also collaborated on events. I’ve been a part of your conference and you’ve been a part of my conference and we also have a summit and LIVE intensive that’s happening in 2023 for B4 Women. Rachel, can you share more about it?


Rachel – Yes! I am super excited about it! It’s a two-day event. The first day will be a virtual summit with us and the co-hosts that we’ve had over time. The second day will be a LIVE and in-person event. So, we’ll get to pour into the women attending and learn more about the vision that God has given to them. We’ll also give them strategies and insight, and we'll have some special guests, as well.   


Courtnaye – So exciting! We would love to have you attend the summit and LIVE Intensive, dear reader (please be on the lookout for more details in January 2023 at We can’t wait to see you there! 


Rachel – Right!


Courtnaye – Okay, so let’s dive deeper into this topic of partnership as it relates to communication, because we know there are going to be times when it’s like, “Woohoo! That is awesome girlie! Let’s go ahead and do this!” But then there will also be times when it’s like, “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good move.” That happens in a partnership. 


Rachel – Yep.


Courtnaye – We know that we’re not always going to agree, but it’s all for the common good. And we work through those things. Rachel, what’s the scripture that we stand by as we partner together? 


Rachel – It’s two are better than one, because they get a better return for their labor (see Ecclesiastes 4:9). I have seen that, and we are literally living that right now (with doors that have opened for us with opportunities) and how we share and collaborate in different areas. There are things that just would not have happened had you not mentioned my name or me not mentioning your name.


Courtnaye - So true!

Rachel - I can say, “Hey, bring Courtnaye on board!” And I know that you’re going to deliver a strong message and speak the Word of God and teach.


Courtnaye – Amen! Thank you, Sis! We help each other. 

Rachel – Even when there are moments when I don’t feel like doing something you’ll say, “Rach, you’ve got to get this done!” That helps me to move, press, and get beyond the emotions that get in the way when I'm doing the thing that God has called me to do (even when I'm tired).  


Courtnaye – Yes, Lord!


Rachel – You get it! As you would say, we’re in the same waters. You understand. It’s beautiful! 


Courtnaye – Amen. But Rach, you do the same for me. Some days I don’t feel motivated or I’m down in my spirit about something, and I’ll inbox you and you’ll encourage me. Truth is, we’re doing a lot of the same things and with a lot of the same type of women. We’re in ministry. We’re wives. We’re moms. And we’re doing all of the things as we speak and write. I always say, "You get my life!"  


Rachel – Right!


Courtnaye – For a quick moment, I do want to add here that it's good to understand that when you’re partnering with someone to schedule meetings and brainstorming sessions together to see what’s the new way forward on an event, endeavor, or new project. In our partnership, we typically schedule a two-hour block to plan ahead for B4 Women, but also for our own ministry or business endeavors.

Rachel –Yes, we do. 

Courtnaye – We also cheer one another on and pray for each other. Let’s talk about prayer in a partnership. 


Rachel – Sure. As you were talking, I thought about the fast that we just finished together. During the fast, we laid out all of these things that we were praying about and what was on our hearts, but also things that we knew God has for us to do (we just needed wisdom). So I believe that there is something when two people come together in prayer (see Matthew 18:19-20). There are times when I know that you’ve prayed, because I can feel the lifting of it. That’s the beauty of partnership. 


Courtnaye – So true. Prayer is powerful in partnerships, for sure. So dear reader, do not forget to stop, pause, and pray alone, but also with others. Now, as we get ready to close, can you share an encouraging word today, Rachel?


Rachel – Yes. A lot of times what God has called us to do is bigger than us. He wants to reach so many people through us. Oftentimes, it’s not going to be something that He calls us to do alone. So pray and ask God for confirmation about who He wants you to partner with that has the same heart, passion, and who is pursuing in the same way (and understands what you’re doing). Then, just trust that He’s brought that partner into your life. I say this all the time, “Partnership is an assignment.” Everything we do is actually a partnership with God, but sometimes He brings other people along our path to partner with in a tangible way. 


Courtnaye – So good and very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging word! Rachel, before we get out of here, please share how women can connect with you. You also have a freebie to share as well. Go for it!


Rachel – Sure, if they go to they will find my FREE ebook that’s entitled, I Can’t Come Down that’s all about walking you through the first six chapters of Nehemiah as you pursue the things that God has called you to do, and as you walk in your purpose or assignment with focus. Also, on social media, they can find me at iamrachelgscott (connect on Instagram and Facebook).


Courtnaye – Thank you so much! Dear reader, connect with Rachel. And don’t forget to grab her free ebook below and mine as well that’s entitled, Compare NOT! It’s all about helping you to not compare yourself with others in our competitive culture. Until next time, let's allow God to change us from the Inside Out!