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Hey Sis! So glad that you're here! Check out my blog cover stories and features where I share with you, Christian women from around the globe who are making a great impact for the Kingdom of God! As I interview each one, get ready to be inspired, instructed, and encouraged as we dive into some biblical and practical insight. Let's go Inside!

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October 2022


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The Power of partnership 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

        am so happy and honored to introduce you to my beautiful sister in Christ, close friend, and partner of B4 Women, Rachel G. Scott. She is a wife, mother, and Ohio native. Rachel is also a writer, speaker, and brand mentor. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcasts, radio, devotionals, and blogs. She has also shared on platforms such as Family Life, TCT Television, Propel Sophia, Hope*Writers, Flourish Writers, and more. Rachel is the host of "Taking the Leap Podcast with Rachel G Scott,” founder of the I Can't Come Down Movement and co-founder of B4 Women. She is a former Huffington Post contributor and COMPEL Focus Group Leader. Currently she is a YouVersion teacher, Moody Radio Cleveland Partner, and Hope*Writers Host Team Member. Her first traditionally published book will release in March of 2024 with Moody Publishers.

Courtnaye – Welcome Rachel!


Rachel –Thank you Courtnaye for having me! (smiling)

Courtnaye –Absolutely! I'm so excited to sit down and talk with you. But before we get started, I want to talk about how we met. Rachel, can you share?


Rachel – Yes, so we were both in an author and speaker mastermind (hosted by Dr. Saundra B. Dalton Smith). We were working on something, and I remember reaching out to you saying, “Hey, can we do this together? I need some help with this. I need some accountability.” And that was literally the foundation of our friendship. It was the accountability factor, being rooted in Christ, while realizing that we were like-minded. That became the partnership that God began to cultivate.


Courtnaye – Exactly! So true. I remember that day and we’ve been talking ever since. Actually, we talk almost every day. Okay, so now let’s dive into this topic, "The Power of Partnership." For starters, a partnership can look like a variety of different things, right? It could be working with someone on an event, new endeavor, summit, collaborations, business or ministry project – that’s partnership. 


Rachel – Yes! 


Courtnaye – And so, we’re going to talk about some ways of how partnerships can work effectively. I tend to say that we are called to work in unity and not disunity. With that said, let’s talk about accountability. What does that actually look like in a partnership, Rach? 


Rachel – I love that question. When I think of accountability, I really consider how God wants us to sharpen each other and grow together in community. Oftentimes, we think we can be isolated, grow, and experience all that God has for us, but accountability is what helps us to do all of the things that He wants us to do. He’s not calling us to do it alone. Instead, He’s calling us to do it together.  


Courtnaye – Agreed. (nodding)


Rachel – Also, for us, it’s me chiming in and asking, “Hey sis, where are you with your project?” It’s having those conversations and leaning into the vision that God has given to us, even as we partner with B4 Women (we’ll talk more about that partnership in just a moment). But it’s also asking one another, “What is it that we need to do in order for this ministry endeavor to go to the next level and what do His people need within the community?” It’s about holding each other accountable for the task at hand.


Courtnaye – For sure. Now Rachel, you mentioned B4 Women. Let’s explain it a bit. So we are the founders and hosts of a Facebook group called B4 Women (dear reader, check it out and join us). We’ve partnered together for this endeavor as we help women all around the globe grow and learn spiritually and professionally through our B4 model, which is Bible, Business (and Ministry), Building, and Balance. Also, within a 4-month time frame we talk and share from those particular areas with a variety of tips. Oh, and we also have themes and a B4 Women Toolkit! Am I missing anything?


Rachel – Well, we want to reach the four corners of the world. And we’re seeing that already within the community. We literally have people who are from all over the globe that we get to serve and minister to. 


Courtnaye – Yes, I love it! Another unique thing about it is that even though we’re the hosts, we also bring in two new co-hosts for each 4-month cycle.

Rachel - Right!

Courtnaye - It’s a pretty cool concept. But I also want to mention that we've also collaborated on events. I’ve been a part of your conference and you’ve been a part of my conference and we also have a summit and LIVE intensive that’s happening in 2023 for B4 Women. Rachel, can you share more about it?


Rachel – Yes! I am super excited about it! It’s a two-day event. The first day will be a virtual summit with us and the co-hosts that we’ve had over time. The second day will be a LIVE and in-person event. So, we’ll get to pour into the women attending and learn more about the vision that God has given to them. We’ll also give them strategies and insight, and we'll have some special guests, as well.   


Courtnaye – So exciting! We would love to have you attend the summit and LIVE Intensive, dear reader (please be on the lookout for more details in January 2023 at www.b4women.com). We can’t wait to see you there! 


Rachel – Right!


Courtnaye – Okay, so let’s dive deeper into this topic of partnership as it relates to communication, because we know there are going to be times when it’s like, “Woohoo! That is awesome girlie! Let’s go ahead and do this!” But then there will also be times when it’s like, “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good move.” That happens in a partnership. 


Rachel – Yep.


Courtnaye – We know that we’re not always going to agree, but it’s all for the common good. And we work through those things. Rachel, what’s the scripture that we stand by as we partner together? 


Rachel – It’s two are better than one, because they get a better return for their labor (see Ecclesiastes 4:9). I have seen that, and we are literally living that right now (with doors that have opened for us with opportunities) and how we share and collaborate in different areas. There are things that just would not have happened had you not mentioned my name or me not mentioning your name.


Courtnaye - So true!

Rachel - I can say, “Hey, bring Courtnaye on board!” And I know that you’re going to deliver a strong message and speak the Word of God and teach.


Courtnaye – Amen! Thank you, Sis! We help each other. 

Rachel – Even when there are moments when I don’t feel like doing something you’ll say, “Rach, you’ve got to get this done!” That helps me to move, press, and get beyond the emotions that get in the way when I'm doing the thing that God has called me to do (even when I'm tired).  


Courtnaye – Yes, Lord!


Rachel – You get it! As you would say, we’re in the same waters. You understand. It’s beautiful! 


Courtnaye – Amen. But Rach, you do the same for me. Some days I don’t feel motivated or I’m down in my spirit about something, and I’ll inbox you and you’ll encourage me. Truth is, we’re doing a lot of the same things and with a lot of the same type of women. We’re in ministry. We’re wives. We’re moms. And we’re doing all of the things as we speak and write. I always say, "You get my life!"  


Rachel – Right!


Courtnaye – For a quick moment, I do want to add here that it's good to understand that when you’re partnering with someone to schedule meetings and brainstorming sessions together to see what’s the new way forward on an event, endeavor, or new project. In our partnership, we typically schedule a two-hour block to plan ahead for B4 Women, but also for our own ministry or business endeavors.

Rachel –Yes, we do. 

Courtnaye – We also cheer one another on and pray for each other. Let’s talk about prayer in a partnership. 


Rachel – Sure. As you were talking, I thought about the fast that we just finished together. During the fast, we laid out all of these things that we were praying about and what was on our hearts, but also things that we knew God has for us to do (we just needed wisdom). So I believe that there is something when two people come together in prayer (see Matthew 18:19-20). There are times when I know that you’ve prayed, because I can feel the lifting of it. That’s the beauty of partnership. 


Courtnaye – So true. Prayer is powerful in partnerships, for sure. So dear reader, do not forget to stop, pause, and pray alone, but also with others. Now, as we get ready to close, can you share an encouraging word today, Rachel?


Rachel – Yes. A lot of times what God has called us to do is bigger than us. He wants to reach so many people through us. Oftentimes, it’s not going to be something that He calls us to do alone. So pray and ask God for confirmation about who He wants you to partner with that has the same heart, passion, and who is pursuing in the same way (and understands what you’re doing). Then, just trust that He’s brought that partner into your life. I say this all the time, “Partnership is an assignment.” Everything we do is actually a partnership with God, but sometimes He brings other people along our path to partner with in a tangible way. 


Courtnaye – So good and very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging word! Rachel, before we get out of here, please share how women can connect with you. You also have a freebie to share as well. Go for it!


Rachel – Sure, if they go to www.rachelgscott.com they will find my FREE ebook that’s entitled, I Can’t Come Down that’s all about walking you through the first six chapters of Nehemiah as you pursue the things that God has called you to do, and as you walk in your purpose or assignment with focus. Also, on social media, they can find me at iamrachelgscott (connect on Instagram and Facebook).


Courtnaye – Thank you so much! Dear reader, connect with Rachel. And don’t forget to grab her free ebook below and mine as well that’s entitled, Compare NOT! It’s all about helping you to not compare yourself with others in our competitive culture. Until next time, let's allow God to change us from the Inside Out!




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B4 Women is a social e-learning collaborative of women designed to help Christian women grow spiritually and professionally. We post weekly encouragement and host monthly discussions surrounding our B4 Women Model: Bible, Business, Building, & Balance. As women, we know that it takes scripture and strategy, mixed with knowledge and support to balance out faith, family, fitness, and all that God has called us to do.


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September 2022



fear & Insecurities

with Amy Debrucque 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

        am so excited to have a chat with my brave and beautiful sister in Christ, Amy Debrucque. She is the founder of the Life On Purpose Movement. Amy is also a Confidence Coach and the host of "Life On Purpose Podcast." After a cancer diagnosis at age 40, she began encouraging other women to share their stories in order to find hope and healing. Living her life on purpose was a reminder that everything with God’s purpose is on the other side of fear. Lastly, Amy is a wife to Ron and mom to Blair, Samuel, Ethan, and Adeline. 

Courtnaye – Welcome Amy! I'm so glad that you’re here!


Amy – Thank you so much, Courtnaye! Glad to be here (smiling).


Courtnaye – Well, let’s go ahead and dive in. Today, we’re talking about, “Overcoming Fear and Insecurities.” Amy, can you share with us a few steps that we can take to overcome fear? 


Amy – Sure. I struggled with hidden anxiety for so long, which I think a lot of women struggle with. The game changer and turning point for me was identifying my fears. I think a lot of times, we have all these fears and they can be consuming, but we rarely sit down, put them on paper, voice them, name them, and call them out for what they are. The minute you begin that process, the power fear has over you will immediately start to fade away (a little bit at a time).     


Courtnaye – I love that! Personally, I used to struggle with panic attacks years ago. Until one day, I called my mom on the way to the hospital because of an anxiety attack and she asked me, “What were you thinking about before the panic attack happened?” I thought about it and was like, “Oh, okay.” And it was gone. So I like that you said, “Identify it.” Because a lot of times anxiety comes on because of what we’re thinking about. And then scripture tells us, “Be anxious for nothing.” (See Philippians 4:6-7)


Amy – Courtnaye, I love that you mentioned scripture. Also, we have to keep that extended hand out for other women. For you, it was your mom. Your mother was just one of those women that we all need, especially when dealing with fear and insecurity. 


Courtnaye – For sure. Now Amy, you wrote a book with your daughter Blair that’s entitled, Embolden: Brave Steps to Help You Conquer Fears and Insecurities. So, what are some insecurities that women face today and how can we overcome them? 


Amy – As women, we are more prone to self-doubt or overthink every decision. We get in our own heads and it holds us up. So, I think the biggest way to combat this is to change our self-talk (and we share this in the book and course). We should also start changing the “I can’t” to “How can I?” It’s taking small steps like saying, “Maybe I can’t overcome anxiety today, but I can make sure that I’m praying every day, connecting with my mentor, or getting away from things that trigger my insecurities. I can do that.” It’s an important practice. 


Courtnaye – I love that! Amy, before we move on, I want to ask what was it like for you to write this book with your daughter? 


Amy – The most beautiful thing that came out of it was that we were able to relate. It was also nice to see that we could both be dealing with fear and insecurities, and that it’s just going to look differently at different ages and stages of our lives. As women, this doesn’t age out.

Courtnaye – Agreed. I have to say, this book is so beautifully laid out. There are prompts and scriptures. It’s all-the-things. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it (dear reader, grab it). Amy, can you tell us what it looks like to live an emboldened life? 


Amy – To live an emboldened life is to know that fear is normal. We all know that we’re going to deal with fear at some point in our lives. Although it is normal, courage can have the final say! So we can still feel fear, but still live boldly. 


Courtnaye – So good! This reminds me of Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous!” It’s actually one of my favorite verses. Okay, so let's move forward. Amy, what are you currently working on? 


Amy – Right now, we are prepping and doing all of the behind-the-scenes work to get The Confidence Course launched. It’s a group coaching community for women as we coach them on confidence. We’re really excited about it! I also do one-on-one coaching, too.  


Courtnaye – That’s awesome! Look out for the course and connect with her, dear reader. Now, before we close, can you share an encouraging word, today? 


Amy – Sure. My encouraging word for today would be, “Surrender.” The reason I picked that one is because that was my pivotal moment to finding courage while living with confidence and God’s purpose. It wasn’t util I surrendered that I had the ultimate healing and hope for my life. Hopefully this encourages somebody who just needs to let go and really do what it takes to let God take over. 


Courtnaye – So good! Surrender is such a powerful and hard word. It’s hard because we want the help from God, but we still hold on while thinking about the fear or insecurity instead of just letting go and surrendering. This conversation has been so good! Now, how can women connect with you?


Amy – They can connect with me anywhere on social media @amydebrucque and at www.amydebrucque.com or www.surrenderyourfear.com. I'd love to interact with anybody who is willing to reach out. 


Courtnaye – Awesome! We got some good nuggets today! We can overcome fear and insecurities. We can be brave women and live emboldened. Check out Amy’s podcast, grab her book, go to her websites, and connect with her on social media. Thank you so much for sharing and being here, Amy!


Amy – Thank you so much, Courtnaye. It was a great conversation! 




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August 2022



helping moms raise
confident daughters 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

           elcome to another cover story! I had the honor and privilege of sitting down and talking to the amazing Terra Mattson. She is a Christian Parenting spokesperson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. Alongside her husband Jeff, Terra co-hosts the Dear Mattsons parenting advice column and the Living Wholehearted Podcast and are the co-founders of Living Wholehearted, which is a professional counseling and organizational development firm. Terra is the author of Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace. She is also a mom to two girls, a novice gardener, loves to paint and bake, and craves reading a good book by a pool on a hot day. 


Courtnaye - Hello Terra, how are you? 


Terra – So good to be here today, Courtnaye!


Courtnaye – Awesome! Well, we’re going to be talking about, Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters today. You also have some courses. We’re going to talk about them in just a little bit. But I’m so excited to talk about this topic today, because I have a daughter who just turned 18 and I know that some of our readers are moms of girls. So, let’s dive in. Terra, what do you feel is the #1 issue that our daughters are facing today?


Terra – I get asked this question on almost every interview and by every mom. It’s all rooted in that “Identity” place. Most girls are being branded, objectified, and they're really confused about what it means to be a woman. There’s all of these competing voices and then there's the old-school longing to be known, seen, and loved. So, whether it’s eating disorders, trying to be what others want them to be, or people-pleasing, it goes back to the root of fighting for a sense of identity. 


Courtnaye – So true. It’s so important for our girls to know who they are in Christ, but also to stand firm in that truth. Now Terra, let’s talk about confidence. How can our daughters be confident in Christ? Can you give a couple of examples? 


Terra – Yeah. One of them is through experiences. Oftentimes, moms want to come in and rescue our girls rather than see it as an opportunity for them to lean in and grow towards, "What does God say about me?" 


Courtnaye – Yes! 


Terra – Also, as women we know that life is good, but it’s hard. I want these girls to be confident in God, know how to ask for help, and know that it’s okay to be human. God is not expecting us to be super women, but He is expecting us to come to Him and let Him be God. 


Courtnaye – So good. And you’re right. Life can be hard. I tell my own daughter that life is hard out here. The world can be cruel. This leads me to my next question which is what do you think we need as moms to raise confident daughters?  


Terra – I think we need to be honest about our own journeys with our girls. I’m guiding moms to have real conversations and show their girls where God’s Word meets real-life humanity. I’m calling moms to be the woman that you long for your daughter to be. I’m calling moms to be honest about where you are, where you’ve made mistakes, and what God has been teaching you. It’s not about perfection, but we can get there with honesty. 


Courtnaye – Yes, so good. Honesty and transparency, right? Being open and true with our girls. And you’re right, we’re not perfect as moms. We make mistakes and our girls are going to make mistakes, too. But we can go to God and confess where we are and work through it together. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Amen! Well, let’s move on a bit further because we’ve been hinting at your courses from The Christian Parenting Guide: Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters. I think this is going to be so beneficial for us as mothers, today. Can you share some of the topics that you cover with us?  


Terra – Yes. We cover topics like body image, how to sustain healthy friendships, what do boundaries look like, how to build trusted relationships, what does dating look like, and the fruit of the Spirit. Also, for high schoolers, we’re also talking about suffering and how to come alongside their friends who are wrestling with hard things like parents going through a divorce, and social media. So, we cover the gamut – anything you want to talk to your daughter about, it’s in there!    


Courtnaye – I love it! It’s loaded! Now Terra, I want to go a little bit deeper into the topic of how some kids are walking away from the church. How can your courses help us safeguard our homes and kids, while helping them to stand firm in their faith?  


Terra – Great question, Courtnaye. I would say in these courses you’re helping your daughter to discern who did God make her to be and what is His voice really saying to her? And it doesn’t mean that she might not go on her own journey of doubting, but you’ll be more confident knowing that she’s got the Word of God in her, she knows He loves her, and she knows how to do real-relationship, and those are vital to staying connected in the body of Christ for the long haul.   


Courtnaye – That is so rich! Also Terra, you have a book that’s entitled, Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace. In the book, you share about your own personal story of an eating disorder, in particular, bulimia. How can your book and the courses help our daughters who may be facing things like this? 


Terra – Yeah, so I share my story with bulimia and the connection is emotions. I have a chapter on, “You’ve Got to Feel It to Heal It.” Our bodies hold our emotions. So, if we can help our daughters regulate and understand that emotions aren’t the enemy, but that they are God-designed (we have an emotional God). It’s what we do with our emotions. 


Courtnaye – Right. 


Terra – Oftentimes, having a few trusted safe people (hopefully, us mamas are one of those) where our daughters can process them and move through to the other side – they’ll be more confident when they move into life. And when they feel despair, disappointment, or alone, they won’t panic and go to some of those unhealthy coping strategies. Instead, they’ll say, “This is a part of being human. It’s an emotion. I’m going to feel it to heal it. I’m going to talk to God, a couple of my safe people, and watch it move.” 


Courtnaye – I love that. And you’re right, as women, we are emotional. I think this segment is good for us as moms, but also for our daughters too. All of this is so good! Again, get the courses dear reader and grab her book. Well, before we close, can you share an encouraging word today, Terra? 


Terra – Yes. My word of encouragement is to trust that God knows you. I believe that God is raising up a generation of women and daughters who are going to be resilient and who can stand firm when God says, “I see you. I know you. And I have a plan for you that can’t be thwarted. So trust Me even when the story and plan looks pretty fuzzy.” We all can be courageous and stand confidently as women.   


Courtnaye – Terra! That was a word!


Terra – Amen!


Courtnaye – Wow! That was so encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. So, how can we get the courses and connect with you further?   


Terra – The easiest way is to go to www.terramattson.com or www.cpguides.org. Also, if you have older daughters, get the book, Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace. You can get it anywhere you buy books. I’m also on Instagram @terramattson. 


Courtnaye – Thank you so much, Terra! Connect, connect! ;-) 




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July 2022


Name Color for Nicki K_edited.png

Living a whole life 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye

          ello there! I am so glad to be sitting down and talking to Nicki Koziarz today. She is a wife, mother, three-time best-selling author, podcast host from Lessons From the Farm, first-time generation farmer, Bible teacher, sought after speaker where she has spoken at events through Lifeway, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and has been featured on LifeToday and Awakening TV. 


Courtnaye – Welcome, Nicki! 


Nicki – Thank you! It’s an honor to be here. 


Courtnaye – Awesome! Well, we’re going to be talking about, “Living a Whole Life.” But before we get started, I want to quote you on a powerful statement, “I believe we are on the verge of revival with God in our homes, communities, cities, nation, and the world. I want to see people whole, confident, and becoming all God intended them to become through the power of understanding the Bible.” I love this so much! Nicki, tell us. What does it look like for a woman to be whole?


Nicki – That’s a good question. The reality is that each of us have different things that break us. I think we have to understand our brokenness before we can begin talking about wholeness. For me personally, I’ve walked through a lot of grief in the last four years of my life, where I lost pretty much my entire family with the exception of my dad (and within the span of two years).


Courtnaye – Wow!


Nicki – It was a really difficult time. It brought up a lot of childhood wounds, mother wounds, and father wounds – lots of wounds that I didn’t even know were there. It took taking time with the Lord to understand things that were making me feel so completely broken. 


Courtnaye – Gotcha. (nodding)


Nicki – I remember, there was a time when I was getting ready to go out to teach, I was laying on the floor in my prayer closet and I said, “Lord, I know your word says that you are all of these things to all of these people, but I just don’t feel like you’re good to me or that you’re with me or for me. I feel like you’re so against me right now.” That's when the Lord had to show me the brokenness that I had with Him.  

Courtnaye – Yeah (nodding). 


Nicki – So, understanding my brokenness, but then also understanding that my husband was not my Savior. My counselor was not my Savior. My ministry was not my Savior – only Jesus is the One who could make me whole again. So, in past four years, the Lord has shown me what it really means to be whole with Him. But Courtnaye, I’m still in a process with it. 


Courtnaye – Being whole is definitely a process. Nicki, thank you for sharing this with us – so transparent. For a moment, I want to talk about being confident in our calling as we deal with hard things in life. How do we do this?  


Nicki – You know, right before this interview, I saw something that shook my confidence (laughing). We have things that will try to shake our confidence all day long. But I think confidence comes from a place of identity. So, as a writer, speaker, and communicator, I have to go back to saying, “No! I know who God created me to be. I know the voice that God has given me.” 

Courtnaye – So good! 


Nicki – I also think one of the greatest ways to do this is by understanding our personality, wiring, and gifts. What’s so beautiful about the Kingdom is that there are so many seats at the table with diversity, different voices, and teaching styles (that's who God created us to be). The people that you’re going to reach are the people that God put there for you to reach and the people that I’m going to reach are the ones that God has called me to reach.     


Courtnaye – Right! 


Nicki – It’s understanding who we are, but then it’s also learning to champion other people. And Courtnaye, you do this really well. It’s about not letting comparison threaten you and make you feel like there’s not enough pie to go around for everybody. I believe these two things can really help keep us grounded – knowing who we are and cheering other people on


Courtnaye – Amen! Now Nicki, let’s shift a bit. You are doing a lot of things! You are a farmgirl, podcast host, speaker, author, and you’re also a mom and wife. Tell us what your devotional life looks like and how do you balance it all? 


Nicki – We’re all dropping the ball somewhere on something. But Courtnaye, the best advice somebody ever gave me was probably about 10 years ago. It was at a point when I was just getting into ministry, speaking, and writing, and my kids were little. I just felt like every day, I was falling apart over something else (laughing). Yet, this person told me, “Nicki, you’re going to drop a ball every single day. You’re not superwoman. But the key to staying consistent in life is to not let the same ball drop two days in a row.”


Courtnaye – Gotcha!


Nicki – So, if I drop a ball with one of my kids today, then I know tomorrow I can’t drop the ball. If I drop the ball with my husband today, then I can’t drop the ball tomorrow. It’s the same with writing. That has been the best advice that I’ve gotten, and I’ve really tried to live by that. 


Courtnaye – Nicki is dropping nuggets! Thank you so much! Now, you have a new book that’s coming out, but you also have a book that’s entitled, Flooded. What’s the main theme throughout this book that can help women right now to live a “whole” life?


Nicki – If I could sum it up in two words it would be, overcoming doubt. It’s based on the life of Noah. If anyone had the right to have doubt, it would’ve been Noah because he received this massive God-assignment – which made no sense to anybody around him. Yet, somehow he was able to push through. He not only obeyed, but lived out his legacy in such a way that God would pick him to be in the Hall of Faith (see the book of Hebrews) for us to look at and say, “Okay, there are some things that I need to learn from his process. So, that’s what the book is about. The subtitle is The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life is Hard and Doubt is Rising. It just helps us to walk in the posture of faith. 


Courtnaye – I love it! I was actually just thinking about Noah yesterday. Sometimes in life we do face doubt. We sometimes find ourselves saying, “What if I do this and it doesn’t work? What if it fails?” So this is good. Instead of walking in doubt, like you said, we need to walk in the posture of faith. Grab her book Flooded, dear reader! Okay Nicki, tell us about your new book that releases in 2023!


Nicki – (smiling) Actually, this will be the first time that I’ve talked about it publicly!