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Csilla Muscan 

Author, Speaker &  Coach

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    oday, I have with me Csilla Muscan (pronounced Cheela) and we are going to be talking about her new book, “Finding Your Voice.” Before we get started, I want to let you know that she is a keynote speaker, performing artist, and the founder of Captivate Training. She is passionate about helping women share their messages on any stage with clarity and confidence. Her greatest desire is to help women find their God-given voice while owning their messages unashamed and unapologetically.  


Courtnaye – Welcome Csilla, how are you? 


Csilla – I’m good and so happy to be here. Thank you for having me! (smiling) 

Courtnaye – No problem. I love that you are here! With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive right in! So why did you decide to write the book, Finding Your Voice? Talk to us about that. 

Csilla – So, pretty much, I think every author, whenever we write, it’s almost like we're writing to ourselves first. When I started writing, I didn’t know that it was going to be called Finding Your Voice. Personally, I found myself in a place where I just felt lost. I felt like the noise of the world was getting really loud and it’s almost like I was comparing myself so much to what was happening around me that I could no longer remember my purpose, what I was passionate about, or what my priorities were in life. And that’s where the idea of writing the book came from.


Courtnaye - Gotcha.


Csilla - I also work with so many women and there seemed to be this common theme that I would hear them struggling with. They would say things like, "I feel like I have a hard time knowing who I am" or "I don't know what my purpose is in life or what I'm passionate about or good at." So that's the reason behind why I wrote the book, which is also a very practical guide that not only serves as a devotional, but also as a coaching guide where women can take some time and work through questions and some of the exercises. It seems to be resonating with them. 

Courtnaye - I love that it’s very practical. So why do you think women struggle so much with finding and owning their voices? 


Csilla – I think there are a lot of reasons. For me personally, the struggle started when I was a child. I was born into a highly abusive home. And so coming into the world already, I felt like I didn’t matter. I grew up feeling like if my parents didn’t want me, then I must not have any value or purpose in life. I heard that message over and over again and I internalized it. I created a story around it – that my life didn’t matter, my voice didn’t matter, and my story didn’t matter. Actually, for quite a few years I honestly thought this world would be better off if I was just not living in it.  


Courtnaye – Wow!


Csilla – So I think for some women, it may be in their upbringing. For others, we live in an age with such noise overload. More than ever, it’s easy for us to start doubting whether we have a voice. I also think that we lose track of the one voice we should be listening to which is the voice of God – the only One who actually knows what we were created for, because He designed us and in the process of all of that, we just lose track of who we were created to be.


Courtnaye – I agree 100 percent. There is a lot of noise and I see people doing a lot of the same things. There’s really nothing new under the sun, especially if you hang in the same circles. But again, I agree. You can truly lose sight of who you are and even your own voice. Now, I'm going to shift here. What role does establishing healthy rhythms and priorities play in living out our calling? 


Csilla – I honestly believe if we don’t have our priorities straight or if we don’t know what they are, then it’s probably going to be one of the biggest things that’s going to hold us back from being who God created us to be. When we don’t know what’s important, everything else is important and then we can fall prey to things that really don’t matter in the big scheme of things. For example, if I don’t have or know what my top three priorities are and stay clear on them, then it will be easy for me to waste time and energy on things that really don’t align with where I’m headed. 


Courtnaye – Absolutely! It’s so important to have our priorities in order. This is a good segue into my next question. As a busy Christian woman doing kingdom work, how do you help other women find their voices, today?  


Csilla – The way that I work with women is either through a one-on-one coaching capacity or through my Captivate Training. This training is specifically for women who already know that they have a calling on their lives or who have a message that they want to share. These women want to learn how to share their message more clearly and in a more confident way. It’s for those who want to know how to step on any stage that they’re called to and be able to share their message comfortably.


Courtnaye – So good. 


Csilla – Also, a lot of my one-on-one coaching clients come to me asking questions about vision, purpose, goals, and help with aligning their priorities. I also offer group coaching and complimentary coaching sessions, because that’s my way of giving back and I want to be able to help as many women as possible. 


Courtnaye – Amen. Ladies! Get with Csilla. I love it! Women helping women. Before we close, can you share a few nuggets of wisdom for those of us who are writers, speakers, and kingdom workers? 


Csilla – Yes. Just these past few weeks, I’ve been talking to women who were feeling insignificant or feeling imposter syndrome or if they’re not enough. First of all, it’s okay to feel that way. But I just want to encourage you to know that when you’re feeling insignificant, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the wrong lane, but that you should still speak up and do what God has called you to do and stay faithful and on your track. 

Courtnaye – So powerful. Stay in your lane, ladies! Stay focused on the calling that God has for you. Good stuff! How can women connect with you, Csilla?

Csilla – I would say visit the website at and on Instagram. That's my jam! Also, my book is available on Amazon or on my personal website at I would love to connect! 

Courtnaye – Thank you so much for being on, Csilla. 


Csilla – Thank you so much for having me. I so appreciate you, Courtnaye.  


Courtnaye – Absolutely! 

By Inside Out with Courtnaye



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From the moment a woman opens her eyes in the morning and falls exhausted to her pillow at night one question keeps eating at her. Does my life matter? In a noisy world full of distraction it's easy for us to question whether our voice, our passions, and priorities matters. In a culture that celebrates distraction over focus, going with the flow over standing out, production over purpose, and noise over listening, many women find their voice lost, compromised and even ridiculed.


We eagerly listen to all the voices around telling us who we should be but find it hard to hear our own and even more importantly, to trust the voice of the ONE that knows us most intimately. As a survivor of abuse, Csilla Muscan has struggled to see her worth, value, and purpose. For years and years, she believed the lies, that her voice and life didn't really matter.


Emerging from her own dark spiral of strangling self-doubt and insecurity, Csilla found hope in the realization that God has gifted women with a voice that has the potential to change lives. She was woken to the truth that a woman's voice and the story is a gift to be used to make a difference in the lives of others. In her new book, Finding Your Voice her mission is to help women re-discover their God-given purpose, passions, and priorities in order to make the kind of impact they were designed to me.


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