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By Inside Out with Courtnaye

    am having a relaxing chat with the lovely "Faith Mama Tribe" founder, Dominique Young. I am truly looking forward to talking about this very tough topic. A lot of women deal with or struggle with anxiety and depression and so we're going to have a conversation about it today. Join us, now.

Courtnaye – Welcome Dominique! How are you?


Dominique – Hi, I’m great and I am so excited to be here! 


Courtnaye  – Awesome! Well, we’re going to be talking about faith and mental health and how we balance it out and navigate through it. But before we dive in, tell us a little bit about yourself.


Dominique – Well, I’m a wife, and mom of four kiddos. I love being a mom, but sometimes it can be a little difficult (chuckling).


Courtnaye  – I’m a mother too, and it’s definitely work. I love all that you’re doing out there on social media with moms. Can you share more about it with us?

Dominique - Well, I'm also a ministry leader. So, I started a group that really started with just a few of my friends, but then God saw fit to turn it into a ministry. Through it, I reach out to moms and we study the Bible together and support one another, because motherhood can be a little challenging at times. 


Courtnaye - Right. So we’re talking about balancing faith and mental health, today. Dominique, what has been your experience as it relates to faith and mental health?  


Dominique – At first it started out as book knowledge. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University, but as I became a mom, some things that I hadn’t dealt with in my childhood came to the surface. I found myself having extreme anxiety attacks, but I was hiding it. I hid it from my husband, ministry leaders, and friends for about seven years. 


Courtnaye  – Wow!


Dominique – Actually, when I was pregnant with my second son, my anxiety was combined with what they call postpartum psychosis, which a lot of people don’t talk about. You can start hearing voices and hallucinate. So I was dealing with that on top of the anxiety.


Courtnaye - Mm, hmm.

Dominique - But one day, I got into my car and I just kept driving and driving, and eventually I realized that I needed help. That's when I went to a hospital and got placed on a 72-hour hold. It was at that moment that changed my life forever. I realized that I couldn’t keep hiding. I knew God wouldn’t want me to hide away and live in the dark with what I was going through. It made me realize that we don't have to hide our mental health issues from God. He wanted to help me with this.  


Courtnaye  – So how does faith and mental health connect? 


Dominique – What I’ve learned is that faith is the ability to live openly before God, while trusting that He can handle everything you’re going through in your human life. I realized that it was by faith and trusting Him that for the first time, started me on a path of healing like counseling, support groups, and different systems that He had me to set up.  


Courtnaye  – Gotcha. So if someone is struggling with faith and mental health, what verse could help?


Dominique – The verse that comes to mind is 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” This was a transformational verse for me. I just was like, “God, I really desire a sound mind.” But then I also had to identify the fear. I had to ask myself, “Where is the fear in my life?” And for me, the fear was pretending that everything was fine, when it actually wasn’t. I was afraid of what people thought of me or think that I wasn’t saved or demon possessed. 


Courtnaye – I understand. 


Dominique - I was truly afraid to let anyone know what I was going through. So I had to identify it and step pass the fear. I also had to let my husband, friends, and family know what I was dealing with for seven years. I realized there was freedom when I released it and trusted God to see me through it. I tell people now to find the fear, step in front of the fear, and you’ll find your freedom. 


Courtnaye  – That is so good and I love that! You know, there’s so much power in prayer and the Word. There is a book that I want to recommend by Stormie Omartian entitled, “The Power of Praying Through Fear.” Dominique can you share an encouraging word with the readers and listeners, today. 


Dominique – Sure. My biggest encouragement and something that continues to change my life is knowing that God sees you. He knows what you’re going through. He knows how you feel. And He’s saying, “Let me show you who you are and who I’ve created you to be.” We learn who God has called us to be the minute we stop being afraid of all of our shortcomings and start trusting that He is God enough to handle it all. 


Courtnaye  – Amen! Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging word with us. So lastly, how can we connect with you? 


Dominique – If you’re around on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you can find me at Faith Mamas Tribe and follow me there. I also want to tell you about my mobile app entitled, “Faith Mamas” where you'll find daily devotionals, videos, and fellowship opportunities.


Courtnaye  – Awesome! Connect with Dominique dear reader (especially if you’re a mom). She is an amazing woman of God, prayer warrior, and “Faith Mama!” 


Dominique – Thank you so much for having me!  

Courtnaye – You're very welcome, Sis!



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