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By Inside Out with Courtnaye

    have with me the beautiful, Candice Reyes and we are going to be talking about her new book, “A 15-Minute Date with God: Strengthen Your Relationship in 3 Ways” and more! But before we get started, I want to let you know that Candice is the wife of a phenomenal artist of 18 years and a mother of what she calls "three a-dork-able kids," between the ages 22-13. She is a new and upcoming author, speaker, and educator and her new book has made the "TOP 100 Best Books sold on Amazon" multiple times. Candice hosts a website called,, with the hopes of encouraging, equipping, and endorsing women to step out in faith utilizing their God-given talents and gifts for His glory. 

Courtnaye – Welcome Candice, I am so excited to have you here with us. You are doing so many awesome things to equip and encourage women. So tell us about your ministry "Hooks2Crook" which is a very unique name.


Candice – Yes, I’ve had women ask me about the name. Have you ever fished before, Courtnaye? 


Courtnaye – Yes, I have. My dad taught me (smiling).  


Candice – Well, my mom taught me. And her method was to catch and release. So God showed me through my life that’s really what I was using when I was incorporating discipleship. I was actually catching and releasing, yet I wasn’t staying with them and walking through their faith like a disciple should be doing. So He brought me to the passage in John 21:3-9, where Peter was fishing and Jesus showed Peter that he was to be a shepherd. That’s when God led me to “Hooks2Crook,” which is going from being a fisherman (which is the hook) to the crook, which is the shepherd’s crook. It's about being a shepherd for women who want to step out in faith to use their gifts and talents. 


Courtnaye – Gotcha! So clear. Thank you for sharing that with us. Now, let’s dive into your book, because it’s all about spending devoted time with the Lord. Again, it’s entitled, “A 15-Minute Date with God: Strengthen Your Relationship in 3 Ways.” How were you inspired to write this book, Candice?


Candice – God told me, “I want to meet with you one-on-one every day.” However, I didn’t know where to start. Opening up my Bible was a little intimidating at first, but then He told me, “I have equipped you with the Holy Spirit inside of you. I am going to teach you what you need to learn through My Word.” And so I would show up every day and He would show up, as well. The book is actually the steps that I use to have my dates with God that have helped build my confidence in who Jesus is, how much He loves me, and His character so that I could rely on and trust Him through thick and thin. 


Courtnaye – Awesome! 


Candice – Now women are telling me that they’re able to walk in confidence as they meet with Him with just their bible and prayer journal, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. And what’s unique about this is that it’s a workbook - so you make it personal for you. You can also choose any book of the Bible that you feel the Lord is leading you to read. After that, you can read for 5 minutes and there are questions to help you dive in a bit deeper. Then, there’s a praise. We end our dates with one praise or worship song. 

 Courtnaye – Yes! So good! We’ve got to get that time in with Jesus like Mary did from the Bible (i.e. Mary and Martha story). I love how you have the prompts to help us. Now, Candice. What Bible verse helps you in your walk with the Lord and can you share it with us today?  


Candice – Well, my life verse is James 1:2-4 and it says, “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work, so that you may be mature, complete, not lacking anything.” I love it because we’ve been facing a lot of different struggles with the pandemic, separation, and division, but this passage helps me to count it all joy because I know that my God is faithful. He will always be here for me. And I can always rely on Him. 


Courtnaye – So good! He comes through every time. Can you give an encouraging word for the women today?


Candice – There is a passage from the book, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young where she says, “Thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity.” This really resonated with me because our circumstances may not be different tomorrow or they may remain the same for right now. But when we approach God with thankfulness, it changes our perspective on that circumstance. I tell my kids to worship in your worries, and sing through your struggles, because that is when we see God move. It just changes my heart and mind when I do this instead of focusing on something negative. 


Courtnaye – I love this! Before we go, can you tell us more about your membership site for women called “Red Rover.”

Candice – Yes. If you’ve ever played the game “Red Rover” as a kid, you learn that you’re stronger together. So women who are subscribers to “Hooks2Crook” are offered a free endorsement page for one year. In other words, if you have a ministry or small business, or even a blog or podcast, we want to partner with you and help you expand your reach. Every month, I also choose one member to spotlight, but also how others can partner with them, as well. We help each other. 


Courtnaye - Amen! It's so important to celebrate and honor others. We're all co-laborers. Well, thank you, Candice for joining us today!

Candice – It has been an honor! Thank you Courtnaye!

Courtnaye - You are very welcome, Sis. Well, dear reader. Connect with Candice. She is on Facebook at Hooks2Crook, and Instagram and Twitter (see the icons at the top of the post to connect). You can also check out her website at Until next time, grab her book and get your 15-Minute Date with God. ;-) 




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Through this method, God cultivated our bond to build my confidence in Him. God desires one on one time with each of us. Would you like a resource offering tips while engaging on a date with God? In this book, I highlight three foundational ways to strengthen your relationship with God.


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